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Sveitaferð Foreldrafélags Álfatúns / Parents union farm visit


Álfatún's parents association is organizing a farm visit on saturday the 11th of may 2019 at 13.00. The farm is called Hraðastaðir and is about 20 km from Kópavogur, in Mosfellsdalur. Each family will get there on it's own.

The farmers at Hraðastaðir will provide a milk for the kids and coffee for the adults. At the farm there is also a barbeque and the plan is to barbeque some hot dogs. The parents association will bring ketchup, mustard and such but each family will bring their own hot dogs and bread.

The price is 600 pr. person but no fee for 2 years and younger. The parents association will pay for all children from the kindergarten.

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