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Sveitaferð foreldrafélags Álfatúns er mánudaginn 1. maí / Álfatún Parents Association farm trip is on monday the 1st of may.


Monday May 1st we are going on a FARM TRIP with the parents association of Álfatún.                                      

To Hraðastaðir in Mosfellsdalur

The visit lasts from 10 to 12 but it isn‘t necessary to stay the whole time.

We will leave as a group from Álfatún parking lot at 9:35.

Please sign up before 16:00 on Friday April 28th. Registration forms are on the door to your childs department at Álfatún.

 We are going on a "Farm trip"  Monday the 1st of May. This is a holiday.  We will go to the Farm Hraðarstaðir in Mosfellsdalur. It takes about 20-30 minutes to drive there from Kópavogur (we will be driving in our own cars, not by bus but as a group). 

We will  barbecue at Hraðastaðir.
Everyone needs to bring their own sausages, bread and drinks but the parents association will offer ketchup and other toppings for the sausages.

Milk and coffee are available at Hraðastaðir.

Please sign up on the registration forms (on the doors of your childs department at Álfatún) so that we know how many participants we will be expecting.

This trip is free for the children whose parents have paid the  parents association fee at Álfatún and one parent/grown-up accompanying each child. For every extra person there is a fee of 500 ISK , payments are made at the farm to the representatives of the parents association.

Please note that we do not accept debit/kredit cards, only cash.

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